Today is Election Day, Vote like Your Union Livelihood Depends On It, Because It Does

Yes, today, Tuesday, 5/21/13 is election day in Pa and specifically the Municipal Primary. Today’s Philadelphia based races include the election for Judges of the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts, DA, Traffic Court and City Controller.

As is historically the case, many predict a low turnout because today’s election does not feature races for higher political offices such as Mayor, Governor etc. What better time for the labor movement in the region to get our vote out and let our voice be heard while others are taking a break.

It is important for organized labor to gain political ground on every election day. Thus when you are on your way to or from work today, don’t forget to stop by your polling place to support the candidates that your union is supporting AND VOTE LIKE YOUR UNION LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON IT, BECAUSE IT DOES!

To Find Your Polling Place And get Addition Voting Information, Go To: