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Union Membership On The Rise In Pennsylvania

By the PA. AFL-CIO

–    Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows workers represented by a labor union grew by 50,000 in the last year

When it comes to declining union membership in the United States, Pennsylvania is bucking the national trend according to a report released by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The report, derived from data collected from the Current Population Survey (CPS), which provides basic information on the labor force, employment, and unemployment, shows that in Pennsylvania, the percentage of workers in the state who are represented by a labor union in their workplace grew in the last year from 13.7% to 14.4%. In raw numbers that represents an increase in the last year of 50,000 more workers represented by a union, putting the total number of workers represented by a union in the Commonwealth at 804,000.

“At a time when workers are facing unprecedented attacks from anti-union forces in the Pennsylvania legislature and their big-money corporate allies, it is remarkable that union membership is on the rise. Clearly the anti-worker, anti-union forces are not dampening the spirits of workers who are winning their rights to collective bargaining and joining unions and the fight to build middle class opportunities for everyone,” said Rick Bloomingdale, President of the AFL-CIO.

“Workers in Pennsylvania are waking up and realizing that if they want fairer wages and better working conditions they need to make their voices heard and there is no better way to do that than forming or joining a union. More and more workers in Pennsylvania are realizing their best path to a middle class life is through a labor union and I salute all those who working hard and organizing so all workers can secure a better life,” said Frank Snyder.

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Take Action! Stop Paycheck Protection Now!

By The Pa. AFL-CIO

– For the past several years, union members have been fighting hard against anti-union legislation that seeks to silence public workers in Pennsylvania. The so-called ‘Paycheck Protection’ bill follows the same strategy that Governor Walker used against teachers, nurses, and first responders in Wisconsin, and which ultimately led to Wisconsin becoming a Right to Work state.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe has always been of the most anti-worker lawmakers in Pennsylvania, and a prime sponsor of the corporate Right to Work agenda. It should be no surprise that he is the one who has called the Paycheck Protection bills up for a vote.

It is critical that these bills do not make it to the Governor’s desk. Right now our best shot is to stop this legislation in the State House, but your lawmakers need to hear from you NOW!

To E-mail your State Representatives TODAY and Tell them to vote NO on Paycheck Protection, Go To:

In spite of the rhetoric from the right wing politicians and conservative business groups – payroll deductions are not forced; they are negotiated between the employer and the union and must be approved by both sides. Unions are being singled out for political purposes, as evidence by the fact that the legislation being proposed would not prevent public employees from choosing to have other payroll deductions for items such as insurance, charitable giving, etc. – even though many of these groups also lobby the State Government.

Help stop this transparent attack on workers once and for all, tell your State Representative to vote NO on Paycheck Protection now!

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