About PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network

For Information and In Case Of Work Related injury, Call the Priority Care Center Intake Line At: – 800-715-0452

The PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network is a labor organized network of quality advocates, independent healthcare centers and specialists created specifically to help secure quality medical care and injury benefits for workers in case of job-related injury.

Advocating on behalf of those suffering from job related injuries is a long overdue initiative. It is estimated that the worker’s compensation benefits and treatment of between 50% and 70% of all workers injured on the job get denied or disputed before they recover from their injuries for reasons that include:

– Lack of effective medical/injury reports from the Time of Injury.

– Lack of awareness that you have the right to protect yourself and visit with the doctor of your choice during the first 90 days after injury (in addition to the employer’s panel doctor).

– Lack of labor organized healthcare network that specializes in treating and protecting the rights of union workers suffering from job-related injuries.

WHAT? – For the First Time Ever, the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network provides a comprehensive labor organized network of premium medical specialists and facilities, specializing in the care and treatment of injured workers, who will provide comprehensive injury exams, diagnostic testing (if necessary), documentation, an accurate diagnosis and priority/quality treatment FROM THE TIME OF INJURYfor the injured worker thus providing the injured worker the best chance to maintain the benefits and treatment they need to recover from their injuries.

How It Works? Upon sustaining a job-related injury, a worker contacts the Priority Care Center Intake Linelisted on the enclosed Priority Care Card and is presented with a list of options to visit the Priority Care Center of their choice for care needed.

Program Benefits: Priority/Same Day Visit, Quality Injury Care, Complete Injury Examinations/Reports, Diagnostic Testing, Medications. Also Includes: Follow Up Appointments, Second Opinions and Long-Term Treatment Options. IMPORTANT: There Are No Out-of-Pocket Costs To Those Suffering From Job-Related Injuries.

Additional Services: 1) Long Term Treatment Options for chronically injured/long time injured workers  2)FAMILY BENEFIT – Union family members are also eligible to receive all program benefits, 3) Treatment Options for Non-Work Related Injuries.

Card Activation Required: To Be Eligible For Program Benefits, Activate The Enclosed Priority Care Card By Texting: LaborCare To 95577 Or Call 800-715-0452. (Then Keep The Card In Your Wallet in Case of Injury)

INJURED WORKERS ADVOCACY/SUPPORT SERVICES – Each injured worker contacting the Priority Care Center Intake-Line is paired with an injury advocate, who cares about their needs and their situation, who will provide information, assistance and access to valuable support services and resources including premium medical and legal options to assist the injured worker with the best options available to meet their needs.

For Additional Program Information, Call The Priority Care Center Intake-Line At: 1-800-715-0452.

For the list of Injured Workers Network Providers, Click Here

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