Q – What is the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network?

A – Click Here For Information on the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network. .

Q – What are the first things that i should do when I get injured on the job?

1) Report your injury to your employer/supervisor as well as your job safety officer/steward

2) At the same time you notify your employer/about your injury, You should immediately call the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network Intake Line at: 800-715-0542 for advocacy support and to schedule a priority same day appointment with one of our network doctors in order to acquire a comprehensive injury examination, an accurate injury diagnosis and a complete injury report documenting the full scope of your injury(s) at the time of your injury from a doctor that has your best interests in mind. All very important factors in acquiring and maintaining your injury benefits and treatment.

3) Additionally, as required by the Pa. Workers Compensation Act, your employer is required to have you sign a document called a panel acknowledgement when you are hired and is also required to provide you with a list of 6 panel providers including 3 physicians. If the employer has not met these requirements, you are not required to visit their doctor. If the employer has met these requirements, you must visit and treat with the employer’s panel physician through the first 90 days after your injury. Note: Often Employers do not meet these requirements.

4) In case of life threatening injury, call 911.

Q – Can you choose your own doctor for examinations and treatment whenever you want during the first 90 days after injury?

A – YES, you are ALWAYS free to treat with and be examined by your own doctor from day one of your injury through the first 90 days of injury and beyond.

Q – Why is it important to schedule an injury exam as soon after a work injury as possible with your own choice of experienced independent injured workers doctor?

A – It is estimated that up to 75% of all injured workers get their workers compensation benefits denied or disputed prior to them recovering from their work injury due to injury reports submitted by the paid workers compensation carrier’s panel doctor. This often occurs because the injured worker has no injury reports of their own from an independent doctor who is not getting paid by the Workers Comp Carrier to accurately combat the panel doctor’s reports in cases where there is a dispute between the injured worker and the panel doctor

Q – Can you treat simultaneously with both the employers panel doctor and your own doctor during the first 90 days after injury if you feel the need to do so?

A. Yes, you have the right to go to your own doctor simultaneously while you are treating with the employer’s panel doctor at any time during the first 90 days after injury.

Q – At what point can I treat exclusively with your own doctor and not have to treat with the employer’s panel doctor if you feel they are not helping you?

A – After 90 days from the point of injury, if you feel the panel doctor is not meeting your injury needs, you may then choose to treat exclusively with your own doctor.

Q – Can You get in trouble for visiting your own doctor?

A – No, unless your union/organization has an alternative plan that stipulates as such, there are no designated penalties for treating with your own doctor. In fact many workers compensation attorneys encourage their injured worker clients to treat with their own doctors so they can get a quality injury exam and treatment from a doctor that cares about their well being and who is not a panel doctor getting paid by the insurance company.

Q – If I am suffering from a life threatening injury or medical emergency, should I call the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network immediately upon suffering the related injury?

A – No, Call 911, however, after you have recovered and your medical status is no longer life threatening or a medical emergency, you may contact us to seek our services.


– Program Costs

Q – Does The Program Cost Anything? A – No, the program is Free to union members and their families

Q – Are there any out of pocket cost for injured workers receiving medical treatment and services provided by the doctors/providers in the Network for Work Related Injuries?

A – No, all network providers invoice the workers compensation carrier for treatment and services rendered for work related Injuries.

Billing for Treatment of non–work related injuries/conditions – Treatment and service options performed by network providers to patients for non-work related injuries or conditions is done so at the discretion of the patient and billing options for non-work related treatments are determined by the type of injury and the patient’s related insurance carrier.
General Questions

Q – When should you call the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network to make an appointment to see your own doctor?

A – Immediately upon being injured

Q – Do I need to notify or seek permission from my employer, workers compensation carrier, case worker or panel doctor to visit my own doctor for treatment?

A – No, Your own doctor will notify the workers compensation carrier when they invoice them for their services rendered.
Q – Is the Injured Workers Priority Care Network insurance?

A – No, it’s a labor organized network and program of specialists experienced in the treatment of work related injuries as well with an understanding of the medical protocols pertaining to the Pa. Workers Compensation act.

Q – Are there Attorneys in the Network?
A – No, however we and the providers in our network work hand in hand with your union’s attorney or the attorney of your choice. You are welcome and encouraged to seek legal council to learn your rights and responsibilities as an injured worker upon being injured

Q – How does the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network decide on which doctors to offer to injured workers to choose to visit?

A – Based on convenience to the injured workers home.

Q – Can I research the Doctor’s in the network for their credentials, experience and reputations as a medical professional prior to visiting them for an exam or treatment?

A – Yes, we encourage all workers to ask questions and do your due diligence so you are confident in your choice of network provider.

Q – Does PhillyLabor make decisions or have input or or ownership or responsibility pertaining to treatment, products or services provided by network providers to injured workers?

A – No, Phillylabor markets and introduces the doctors/providers in the network seeking to offer their services and providers to injured union members. However, PhillyLabor does hold the providers in the network to industry compliance standards.
 Q – How do you sign your injured workers priority care card?

A – Use a Sharpie or permanent marker to sign card.

Q – How Do I Activate the Card?

A – Follow the Directions on the back of the Priority Care Card or Call 800-715-0452
Q – What is the Card Activation for?

A – Card Activation allows us to calculate how many workers are registered for the program so we can maintain the required amount of providers in the network to service the injured workers.

Q – Does PhillyLabor have ownership in any of the Providers in the Network?

A- No, all providers in the network are independent providers who pay a membership fee to be a part of the network

Program Eligibility: Who may participate in the program?

Q – Who is eligible for the program?

A – All union members and their family members suffering from job related injuries that occurred in Pa.

Q – Is the program for work injuries that occur only in Pa.?

A – Yes, At this time the program is specifically for workers injured while working in Pa.

Q – Can I Live in another state and use the program?

A – Yes, if the work injury occurred in Pa. you may utilize the network

Q – Does it matter if I got injured working in Pa but the company I worked for is located in another state?

A – No, if you got injured in Pa. it does not matter where the company’s home office is

Q – What is the Family Benefit? Can Family members utilize the program?

A – The Family Benefit entitles a union member’s family members to utilize the same network privileges as the union members in case of job related injury.

Q – Do you have to have a work related injury to use the network?
A – No, Providers in the PhillyLabor Injured Workers Priority Care Network treats all types of injuries however treatment and care for non-work related injuries will be billed to the insurance provider related to the injury, if any.

NOTE – Some City Unions who use an alternative Injured On Duty (IOD) Provider Program including DC 47 Unions 2187, 2186, 810, and DC 33 members , FOP 5 members, IAFF 22 members may have restrictions regarding which providers they can utilize and must check with your unions prior to going outside the Drs in your own IOD Provider Network.

If you have a question or need information that is not covered in our FAQ, call us at 800-715-0452 or email us at joedoc3@gmail.com

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