Protesters And Politicians Defend Affordable Care Act At North Philadelphia Rally

By Justin Udo

– Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney joined hundreds of protesters at Temple University Hospital to voice their outrage with President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican controlled Congress.

“Hospitals like Temple University will suffer as a result of its repeal, people will suffer as a result of its repeal,” mayor Kenney simply stated.

He said he understands if politicians in D.C. want to change the Affordable Care Act, but it would be irresponsible if they take it away without a healthy alternative.

“The government should continue this, they want to tweak it here of there that would be fine, but they really need to keep all the important parts in place.”

Pennsylvania Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr also was at the rally.

He said his colleagues across the isle better have a replacement plan better than the ACA if they succeed in repealing the act.

“One thing they have not done is tell the American people if they repeal, what are you going to replace it with? Republicans in Washington had seven years to develop a replacement plan and never came up with one. I don’t know what they’ve been doing for seven years. But they weren’t doing a damn thing to get a replacement plan,” Senator Casey said.

Right now the Affordable Care Act provides more than 700 thousand Pennsylvanians with health insurance. Many other Pennsylvania politicians including Governor Tom Wolf said it would be catastrophic if taken away.

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