Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Urges Governor Corbett to Reverse his Decision On Lottery Privatization

By the PA. AFL-CIO

– Harrisburg, PA – Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Rick Bloomingdale and Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder today urged Governor Tom Corbett to reverse his decision to extend his bid to privatize the Pennsylvania lottery with foreign-based Camelot Global Services.

“It’s time to end his costly scheme that has already cost over $4.4 million in consultant fees hired by this administration. Every time he extends this contract, our seniors who depend on the programs funded by lottery proceeds get less in affordable prescription drugs, less in affordable transportation services, and less in property tax rebates. It’s time to end this costly bid and concentrate on improvements to this valuable public asset that serves our seniors,” Bloomingdale said.

“Any privatization scheme, whether it would be with a foreign-based or domestic company, will result in billions being siphoned off to pay the fees, bonuses, and profits of CEO’s and corporations, instead of being spent to provide services to Pennsylvania seniors. Governor Corbett’s plan is not only more costly, it is unconstitutional, according to our Attorney General, and is very unpopular with the voters. He needs to stop gambling with our seniors’ futures!” Snyder said.