Our Thanks And Appreciation For Meeting The Many Challenges We Faced Together In 2013

From The PA. AFL-CIO

– We Look Forward To Working Together In 2014 To Achieve More Prosperity For Pennsylvania’s Working Families

Rick, Frank, and the entire (PA. AFL-CIO) staff express their thanks and appreciation to all of you who joined us in helping meet the many challenges we faced in 2013. Your activism and support helped defend and promote good jobs, decent wages and benefits for all of Pennsylvania.

As we begin a new year we wish you peace and prosperity. We are optimistic about the future and our continued success as we work together to defend and improve the living standards and quality of life for workers, and as we bring more good jobs back to Pennsylvania.

Once again we will face many of the same challenges we faced in 2013 – attempts to privatize valuable public assets and services including the wine and spirits stores; additional attacks on good pensions and on good wages.

This new year also gives us the opportunity to secure gains by increasing the minimum wage, by expanding quality affordable health care for all, and by promoting union made products and services that are made and provided in Pennsylvania and the U.S.A.

We look forward to working together in meeting the challenges and in achieving more progress for the working families of Pennsylvania.

Thank You Again From All Of Us.

Source: http://www.paaflcio.org/?p=3343