Happy Memorial Day: In Memory of Those Who Gave All

This weekend, as you travel down the shore, attend family bar-b-ques and spend time with friends, please do so honoring the memory of generations of countless brave men and women from our United States Armed Forces who gave their hearts, souls and their lives to our country so that we can enjoy the freedoms we experience everyday.

Please also do so with thoughts of the many families who’ve lost loved ones fighting for our country who still grieve privately everyday for their lost heroes.

There is no bigger act of heroism than putting one’s own life in harm’s way and making the ultimate sacrifice for the benefit and honor of one’s country. It is also the ultimate act of “Solidarity” and why the labor movement, many of whose members have proudly served their country, has always supported our Armed Forces and Veterans of Foreign War.

Finally, when your walking down the street and you see a man or woman in uniform, Thank them for their service to our country and let them know that they will always be appreciated!

Have a Happy and Safe Memorial Day!