A Story Worth Re-Posting – Why Does Mayor Nutter Hate Unions So Much?

Ask AFSCME DC’s #33 & #47, the Philadelphia Fire Fighters’ Union and the Philadelphia Police Department/FOP — is there any city union or just any union in this city that Mayor Nutter doesn’t have a problem with?

Here’s a little advice in case he’s wondering. If the Mayor doesn’t want large crowds showing up at City Hall and interrupting his speeches, he should try working with people instead of against them. Being at odds with one or two organizations in the course of a four year term is typical, but all four organizations on a constant basis? Well then, it brings up the question that is on everyone’s mind: Why Does Mayor Nutter Hate Unions So Much?

Is it because he’s against collective bargaining, or the 40-hour work week, fair wages or benefits or the other conditions that unions have achieved that have made them the voice of the middle class in America?

Is it because he didn’t get union support during his initial mayoral campaign as area unions split their vote among several other of the candidates and the Mayor walked on in under the union community’s radar?

Here we have a lame duck Democratic mayor in a largely Democratic city who doesn’t have to worry about re-election or setting the table for his party to ensure the next Mayor is a Democrat, so what does he really have to lose, right?

Well, maybe the legacy of his administration, which will be over soon enough, thankfully, and which will go down in the minds of working families as one of the least popular in the history of Philadelphia.

Point of information to our Philadelphia area unions: unlike the first time Nutter won, the next time we have a mayoral election, let’s please unite in solidarity together to support the one candidate who best supports and respects our union standards before we get stuck with another nutter like this mutter!!

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