Kehoe Law Firm, P.C.
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Philadelphia, PA 19102
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Kehoe Law Firm, P.C. (“KLF”) is a multidisciplinary, plaintiff-side law firm dedicated to protecting investors and consumers from corporate fraud, negligence, and other wrongdoing. KLF specializes in securities litigation, both class and direct actions, on behalf of institutional investors, such as pension, annuity, and health and welfare funds. The Firm represents investors in matters of corporate misconduct and abuse, such as when executives and directors breach fiduciary duties of care and loyalty, or engage in self-dealing or other forms of corporate waste. KLF’s philosophy is simple: focus on its clients, protect their financial and reputational capital, and be responsive to their evolving needs. KLF strives to combine an understanding of a client’s business climate with the knowledge of a dynamic legal environment to provide the highest quality service. KLF helps protect client assets and enhance portfolio performance by monitoring investments for losses resulting from misconduct. By bringing to bear the investigative background of more than 50 years of former law enforcement experience, aligned with litigation skills developed over many years, KLF helps protect investors in an area of their portfolio – recovering fraud-related losses – on which they often have neither the time nor the tools to focus. Together, the partners of KLF have spent more than 30 years prosecuting precedent-setting securities and financial fraud cases in federal and state courts recovering billions of dollars for institutional and individual investors.