For Businesses and Professionals Interested in Networking and Doing Business with Philadelphia Area Unions: Become Part of The Business to Labor Network.

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Membership Includes:

1) Business To Labor Networking Event Privileges

2) Union Vendor List Program

3) Business Match Program

3) Pro-Union Label Program Advertising/Marketing Privileges

What is The Business To Labor Network? – The “Business To Labor Network” is a comprehensive networking and marketing program that provides qualified union and pro-union professionals/businesses/service providers with the opportunity to network, connect and introduce their products/services to the Philadelphia area union community via a combination of exclusive media and PR resources as well as groundbreaking “Business To Labor” Networking Events featuring Philadelphia area union leaders.


About PHILLYLABOR.COM Business To Labor Events – “Business To Labor Network” professionals and service providers have the unprecedented opportunity to attend, participate and sponsor exclusive “Union Leader Meet and Greet Events” which provide participating vendors with the ability to meet face to face and network with Philadelphia area union leaders in an up close and personal social atmosphere. (Union Leader Meet and Greet Events are scheduled on a monthly basis)


Business To Labor Event “ATTENDANCE/PARTICIPATION” – Includes: 1) Business To Business Networking Program which provides all participating program vendors with the opportunity to network with each other for the purpose of expanding “Business To Business” relationships and opportunities. 2) Meet and Greet Introduction, Pitch and Business Card Presentation for the purpose of networking with attending union leaders.

Business To Labor Event “SPONSORSHIPS” – (For Executive “Sponsors” Level Members Only) Includes event attendance/participation, dinner and/or cocktail reception with attending union leader with the opportunity to distribute and display your promotional materials. For the purpose of networking and meeting with attending union leaders up close and personal for an extended time period as well as to receive branding opportunities for your company/firm.

NOTE – Business to Labor Meet and Greets Networking Events will feature a combination of union leaders, politicians (where union leaders may attend), premier union vendors/professionals.



Vendors Added to Official Union Vendor Lists – After each union leader meet and greet event, will present the list of attending vendors to the guest union leader for the purpose of both adding to their union’s official vendor list and to promoting to their members. EVENT SPONSORS WILL RECEIVE FEATURED PLACEMENT ON THE LIST.

VALUABLE UNION RESOURCE – Attending Union leaders will provide a list of their union’s annual events, charitable endeavors/fund raisers, add books, political functions etc to give to attending vendors who commit to support their endeavors whenever possible as well as providing discounts and preferred services to their union’s members.

Note: Vendors who are not yet members may attend meet and greets for a fee however only vendors who are paid members of the B to L program may be included on the Union Vendor List which is presented to the attending union leader following each event.



Connect and Expand Business Opportunities With Top Pro-Union Businesses and Professionals – While attending Business to Labor Events, the Business Match Program provides a unique platform for participating members to network and forge relationships with other top pro-union business and professional leaders in the network thus maximizing opportunities for doing business with both the pro-union business and professional community as well as Philadelphia area unions.


(Included with Business To Labor Network Membership)

What is the Pro-Union Label Program? – (To The Philadelphia Area Union Community) – A) It’s a Pro-Union Consumer Guide for union workers/families to identify and reference union and union friendly businesses/friends of labor. B) (To Participating Union/Pro-Union Vendors) – It’s a comprehensive marketing/media program that introduces and exposes dedicated union/pro-union businesses and professionals to the vast Philadelphia union community through a comprehensive suite of exclusive PR/MEDIA resources and a groundbreaking networking program.


1) – A listing in the “Pro-Union Directory aka “Do Buy/Patronize Directory – (Credibility) A listing in the “Do Buy/Patronize” Pro-Union Directory (located on the website – The top Philadelphia labor website on Google) demonstrates to the loyal Philadelphia area union community that a vendor is a screened and credible union/pro-union vendor and encourages the 150,000 + Philadelphia area union members, families and supporters from the over 100 area unions and activist organizations to patronize that vendor.

– Featured on the Smart Phone App – (Access/Convenience) The website “Pro-Union Directory” is featured on the Smart Phone APP thus providing for the first time ever to 150,000 Philadelphia area union members, families and supporters the ability to instantly access union related news, information, announcements and union/union friendly vendors at the tip of their fingers on their cellular phones.

2) – The Pro-Union Label (Logo) ID – (Identification/Branding/Credibility) – Each participating vendor receives use of the “Pro-Union Label “Preferred Vender” Logo for use on their website and promotional materials which “Identifies and Brands” each vendor as a authorized pro-union vendor.

3) MONTHLY “New Member PR Announcements” – All program participants receive exposure as part of the Monthly New Member PR Announcements in the “Do Buy” email newsletter Feature, PL.COM website homepage feature, news feed/Labor and Unions web page, Fax Report and Social Media resources as follows:

– Pro-Union Label “Do Buy” Email Newsletter Feature – Announced in the monthly Phillylabor Pro-Union Label email newsletter upon joining program (Includes Philadelphia’s Largest Union Database totaling over 10,000 union members, union leaders, political leaders, activists and media members and growing)

– “ Website Home Pg. Feature (The top Philadelphia labor website on Google) Featured as part of the monthly Pro-Union Label “Do Buy” Feature”.

– “The Newsfeed” – All home page announcements automatically appear on the high profile “Labor and Unions” webpage on, the official home of the Philadelphia Daily News and Inquirer, Philadelphia’s premier online news source thus receiving increased exposure to the Philadelphia area union community and Delaware Valley labor force.

– Social Media – All new member PR announcements are also posted on the Social Media Mediums including Facebook, Twitter etc.



Executive Sponsors Membership – Includes Pro-Union Label Program Privileges, Business To Labor Event Attendance/Participation and “Sponsorship Privileges” (NOTE: There are a Limited Number of Executive Memberships Available Per Industry).

Preferred Membership – Includes Pro-Union Label Program Privileges, B To L Event Attendance/Participation

– Both membership levels include the option to contribute a portion of membership fee to the Injured Workers’ Advocacy Program (IWAP) upon joining.

– The cost of event sponsorships and tickets are over and above Business To Labor Program membership fees.